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Coming back to Being Normal

by - Wednesday, November 09, 2016

I'm emotionally disturbed to present about this issue but I can't think of other subjects I can give out my heart and soul into.
Hello there, Internet people! 

I've just been released from the clutches of the most intensive and mentally-challenging set of assignments EVER. It's all about creating posters, Flashplayer videos and managing our own website, which I must insist on saying that they're all really tough and time-consuming to do.

There's one glitch to my 99.99% done assignments so I'll work on that tomorrow. For now, I have to create a few slides for my presentation on "Animal Abuse" this Thursday. You know what, I haven't made Powerpoint slides in a WHILE so I have to take my time and familiarise with it again.

On Thursday as well, I'll have my first test for Mandarin Level 1. It's writing so after I've dealt with the assignments tomorrow, I have to get cracking on revising for the test. I really don't have that much time left.

How are you guys all doing?

Got myself a new phone and I love the camera. And I took some pics!

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