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Mind blowing Revelation (Literally)

by - Thursday, November 17, 2016

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I've been in situations where I was left in UTTER confusion/shocked/shook/stupidity because I didn't know what was going on. And this basically covers every aspect of my everyday life because I think I'm quite known to be blur at times, especially if you think it'd be great to share jokes in  Bahasa Melayu (don't attempt this) with a noob like me. 

You'll just end up feeling sorry for yourself because you couldn't get the response people normally gives you from me. I mean YES, I will eventually understand if you're willing to make time (about 10 mins) to explain every little reason why it's supposed to be funny.

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HOWEVER, none of those times can ever, ever beat the incident that happened in my Mandarin class earlier this afternoon. 

Laoshi (meaning teacher in Mandarin) told us last week after the disastrous writing test we had that we'd be doing a couple of listening practices today.

And so we did. We all thought it'd be a piece of cake since we've completed all the lessons and got a few good vocabulary words stored up inside our brains. BUT NOOOOO... 

The dialogues in Mandarin that she played on her little red speaker whizzed by so fast and most of our faces, mine especially were like:

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Wait... what?

I had NO idea what to do. And the fact that the questions they read were in Mandarin made it all more confusing. I guess it's because I wasn't expecting the speed of their speech so it made it hard for me to catch up and understand what they were saying. 

I could only pick up a few words, here and there to actually "assume" what on EARTH they were chatting about.

So I thought of listening to a few Mandarin conversation videos on Youtube so I can familiarise myself with the language. I hope it will help (it better!)
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