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Mystery Box Giveaway by Dewi

by - Saturday, December 03, 2016

Assalamualaikum, Internet people! 

So I'm joining in this giveaway contest by Dewi, which is one of the few that I've tried to participate this year. Basically, one of the many reasons why I thought of signing up for it is because first, I love to link and get in contact with other bloggers who would also participate in the giveaway. I'm pretty new in the blogging business so making other blogger friends would be really cool. 

Second, and being straight up honest, I would like to see what's in the box. Hahaha What, honesty is my badge of honour! Plus, wouldn't it be great if one day I come home from class and a special parcel is waiting for me at my door (other than the occasional bills)?

You guys should participate in too!

Deadline is days away: 15th Dec 2016

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  1. Hello wani! Thanks for being the first. Good luck. <3

  2. Hai singgah dri ga yg sama. Good luck! ;)

  3. singgah dari segmen sama..:) :)


    goodluck tawww.. <3