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5 Honest Tips About Surviving College

by - Sunday, January 22, 2017

Okay, here's the story. 

When I first had my offer to continue my degree in university, I was HORRIFIED. There was no senior or anyone else that I know to ask about preparations. 

I was fresh out of my foundation programme and needing of supreme guidance from those with more experience and insight on how to survive in degree (and above). 

Of course, alas, there was no one to turn to and I blame myself for not reaching out. Like many others, I searched everything up on the Internet and blogs from awesome seniors to fill me in on tips I would be needing.

Sounds familiar?

After completing three semesters and will be going for my fourth later on March in the program (Applied Language Studies English for Professional Communication), I have some tips which are as honest as the day which can also guarantee to set you on the right path to battle up through your degree.

Are you ready, men (and ladies)?!

Let's fire this up.


Whether you're lucky and get to live in college, or you're an independent soul who chooses to live outside, knowing about how to get around in the university is absolutely VITAL

It's so important to know this that it can be a total life saviour when you're hurrying to submit that last minute printed assignment (you'll get here some time soon) or slept in and need to get to class pronto!

 Study their routes so you can plan ahead. 

In my uni, the buses that goes internally or within the campus are ALWAYS packed. It's so packed that it feels like you can suffocate and die among the other sardine-like students around you in a tin bus. 

If you want to avoid such a nightmarish situation, find and grab a bus you'll be comfortable to breathe the very air in it and get to class safe. 

I usuall take the Bas Rapid where I pay RM1 for each ride although I'm FINALLY planning on getting their card to get a few cents off. 

However, these cards can be really annoying when the card reader is adamant to scan and accept it. It's really common to see a queue of students behind the reader and swiping their cards in the most creative fashion to just hear that tinkling beep and SIT DOWN so we can all move on.

Note: Always have an emergency RM1 somewhere in your purse.

As much as you will hate it, going to class early or the least you can do is get there on time is also important. 

I learnt that early comers usually get away with a lot of things from the lecturers like:
Extra work
@ Unwanted punishment (dancing/singing silly songs in front of the entire class) and, 
@ EVEN BETTER, get extra marks for good show of behaviour and dedication to class.

It never hurt to come early. You can even grab some breakfast before class begins and help set up the class so your lecturers will be in a better mood to teach and another merciful and blissful day can pass by.


I think whichever college/uni you enrolled into, cooking in dorms is an absolute NO-NO. Especially when it involves fire and an eager student who just wants to fill in her stomach with food which looked like it's possessed by a banshee (kidding). If you're living outside with friends, that won't be much of a problem.

Cooking or fixing something up for yourself is always the better choice. Not only is it cheaper because you can make something over and over again from the same ingredients, it's more hygienic too. 

We don't know how the food is prepared behind the scene when we're eating out and if we do, we probably wished we didn't.

I'm not much of a cook (ask anyone) and I sometimes do eat out, but I'll always make up for it. Look up for really simple recipes that any college student can try out using basic ingredients you can get from the groceries. 

I'm planning to cook more next semester so I have to plan out recipes I want to try later. hehe...


Once you're in university/college, you're on your own, man. Not all lecturers are nice enough to remind you to do your assignments and other projects on a daily basis. You have to plan it all and stick to it like your life depends on it.

A notebook/special folder would have: 
 Class schedule
Lists of assignments and their deadlines
Important announcements, 
Planned activities, and other things you can always add in. 

You can always download apps for this and there are many like "My Study Life" (an AWESOME apps you should try out).

Having a notebook will always keep you up on your toes for anything that you have to remember to do.


I wouldn't make this a big issue if it's not flaming red and stamped on my eyeballs. Some of you might already understand why.

Doing individual assignments is bliss and it's because you can complete it at your own pace without having to worry about others like when it comes to group work. 

Yes, that's right, even if you have completed your part, you still need to keep LIVE updates on how your other buddies are doing. 

The quality of their contribution will either lift you up to get that divine A, or drag you into the pits of hell when the grades are given after submission. It's scary, I know but it's something you'll face every. single. time.

To give you some slack, here are some tips to lower the risks:

Identify your friends you know very well & can commit to possible death-threatening assignments till death do you guys apart. 
Create a Whatsapp group.
Distribute work and keep note on who is doing what. Make sure there is one or two of you who is doing the compilation and editing part.
Set an accurate date and time that everyone has to submit to the teamleader for editing. Usually it's two or three days before submission date.

1. Research on transportation
2. Get to class on time
3. Try making meals
4. Keep a notebook for important things
5. Find good groupmates

Those are the 5 truly honest tips on how to live through your degree life. If you can relate to some of these, then good for you! 

Feel like sharing more tips? 

Feel free to comment below and let me know!

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