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Closing Another Chapter in EPC (Semester 3)

by - Friday, January 13, 2017

Assalamualaikum, all! Time must have really envied me and stole me away from blogging as I usually do. I've simply been itching to yank my laptop open and type the content of my heart out here. Yes, a little dramatic but if you understand what my friends and I had to go through for the last three weeks, you would salute to my ability to still stay sane and sound right up until this very moment. 

Today marks the last examination day of my semester 3; Intro to Marketing. It was a seriously intense 3 hours paper but luckily, I sort of made it through anyways. You have no idea how relieved I feel when I took out the first step out from the freezing hall and embraced the fact that I'm FREE to do whatever I wanted.

But I think it's funny that I still can't quite accept that I don't need to come home to assignments or studying. The urge to grab a textbook and study is still there so I'm taking my time to fully relax and not feeling all tensed up. 

I don't have a definitive and well-planned idea for what I want to do during the semester break. However, I do want to keep on improving a few things, like:

# My shaky Mandarin competency

#Building more on my art portfolio
#Dusting my old Youtube channel with new updates on my reading progress (which isn't much)
#Maybe join a few contests here and there. 

Drawing, Pencil, Sketch, Pencil Sharpener, Rubber

But oh, there is one particularly one thing I REALLY want to work on this semester break. Thank goodness, I remember. I just really want to get fit again. I think I've gained PLENTY of weight during the examination season. I can feel the layers of unwanted fat building where they shouldn't be. Ugh, I need to start with my dieting and workout again. Oh well.

Run, Workout, Runner, Exercise, Fitness

 I'll see these smiley faces again next semester... As seniors (sort of)!

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