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Diet Plans : Will It Work This Time?

by - Sunday, January 22, 2017

Ever since the semester break has started, I've been on a race that no one even knew of and most probably won't ever think twice to participate.

I've been eating all day, at almost every minute of the 24 hours we're blessed with and I'm sad to say that I'm not proud of it.

I guess this is what I would call as the "Post Final Exams Excessive Eating Syndrome" because it always happens after lectures and assignments are over, and whenever I'm at home with my family. It's not like we have any junk food or snacks to speak of, but I always have means of finding things to nibble on.

Like earlier, I was browsing through Pinterest, and when I glanced down at my hand, I had those spicy little square crisps in it. The worst part is that I DIDN'T EVEN KNEW I WAS MUNCHING ON SOMETHING. Plus, I've been gaining a bit of weight tooooooo!

From that point onwards, I knew I need to put a stop to this non-stop eating madness.

Don't eat it, don't eat it, don't eat it....

I've been on a strict (sort of) diet before, especially during my year in foundation since we weren't allowed to cook in the dorms. Well, unless you're really reckless and fearless, which are neither of my traits, you just bring a rice cooker and let your creativity on using it to cook flow...

So back with the topic, back in foundation, I generally consume large amounts of vegetables and fish, without rice or sweetened drinks. There were times when I dropped the rules to enjoy a little, especially when I came back home for the holidays, but most of the time, I stuck to the rules. 

It slowly became a habit and I was also unconsciously influencing my other friends to eat like how I did.

Here is a rough plan of what my plate will look like when I'm eating (diet version):

I know there is a trick you can play on your mind, psychologically making it think you're eating a lot

... only you're not. 

The technique is using a big plate with a large border rimming the smaller centre. And when you're adding food to this magical plate, my method is to aim for the veggies and proteins first. 

Here is a flow on how to add food to plate:

Veggies should always occupy at least half of the plate. 
Another quarter or so would be taken by proteins 
The remainder of space, just small enough for carbs like our irrisistable rice.

For better effect of fullness, grab some fruits after every meal and voila, my prediction is that I won't touch another snacks or junk food until the next meal.

Of course, snacks are important but it still depends on what they are. I guess I should start on liking nuts like the almonds we have around at home...

or fruits seem alright.

As for exercising, I'll try to go out in the afternoons to jog with my sister. It's the least I can do to increase my dwindling level of stamina.

Will it work?

Let's see

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