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My All Time Favourite Wattpad Stories!

by - Saturday, January 21, 2017

Hello, all! I must be really on a roll because this is probably my second post today but who cares, I'm in a good mood to write.

I was blogwalking for a few good hours looking for inspiration to write because ideas don't ever fall from the sky just like that. Unless under certain circumstances when you're really lucky (which is usually 0.01% of the time). However, I wanted to find something I would be very willing to write and share.

Then, I finally found it; why not I write about what I usually do? Going on Wattpad! For those of you who have no idea what it is, don't panic and press the exit button, because I will tell you.


Besides Google, Wattpad is probably one the greatest creation ever invented on the Internet. It's an awesome place where you can read off free stories from talented writers from all over the world. And they aren't all professional writers too but their stories are almost fully catered to what readers like us WANT in a good story. Of course, there are well-known authors in Wattpad and you can sometimes get to read their stories for free!

I've been on Wattpad, mostly as a reader for a couple of years now, so some of the stories I have favourited into my library (something like a bookmark) are pretty extensive. But today, I want to show you some of my absolute all time favourites and you can share yours and recommend a few stories I can look up later! 


This was one of my first reads on Wattpad. I don't know how many times I laughed out loud to myself as I was reading it because seriously, the heroine, Andrea, is loud, feisty, and super funny. To get a better idea of this story, it's something like Maid Sama, that anime we all love.

Link :)

The Quirky Tale of April Hale

In love with Maid For Hire, I wanted to explore the author's other works on Wattpad and voila! She got another book that promises more humour. This story is entirely the opposite of the first book; save for the humour of course. Instead of a robust heroine, the star of this story is a shy, weird but honestly, cute high school girl by the name of April Hale. Her naivety and perspective of everything and everyone around her make her such an adorable character. Plus, she says the funniest things when provoked, panicked, or flustered.

Link  :)

The Black Knight

I wasn't always into humour. Sometimes I wanted to delve into history so I browsed in the historical fiction section. This story was BRILLIANT. Besides from the romance, what really attracted me to the story was the heroine (again) because she's very calm and collected in whatever situation she was put into. And at the time, being a poor medicine woman was hardly a job to be proud of but she did her part well and was respected by many.
Link :)

By SallySlater
To be frank, I don't often read adventure stories mostly of the lack of interest from my part and another, I'm usually into humour when it comes to Wattpad. 

This story was at the top of the list for a while and it got me truly intrigued. What was so good about it? I read a chapter or two and it got me hooked. The 69 chapters didn't scare me because starting from the first few chapters of the story, I already knew I would like it. It was so good that I read it all TWICE within a year. I forgot what it's all about now but I can guarantee you, it's a good read. Read the synopsis here and try it out!
Related image

And that's about it for now. I mean, I have loads more in my library, but these are the ones I come back to skim through time and time again. 

Now that the semester break is here (we luv youuu!), I finally have the freedom to browse for potential stories I can bury myself into.

Maybe that's why I've failed to tick off the list of books I've yet to read on my shelves lately.


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