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Tools That I Use To Improve My Essays/Blog Entries

by - Monday, January 23, 2017

Assalamualaikum and hello, all! 

If you're a blogger or even an average student such as myself who mostly communicates in English, then getting a little help with English is something we all want.

I thought of sharing the few tips I have that may be just the thing you need to type "error free" essays, articles, even blog entries. 

I use these apps all the time and they've proved their worth time and time again.

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1. Paperrater

I'm not sure about you, but I'm one of the most annoying person to work with when it comes to writing reports/blog entries. I'm the perfect definition of a grammar Nazi as seeing one grammatical error can tick me off. 

Even if I do converse and type in English at all times, it doesn't mean I'm that far from committing such "crimes". 

And so, I refer to Paperrater. Not only does it check my spellings (which can be a mess), but it even comments on the level of my vocabulary, style of writing, word choice, and grammar. 

You can sort your article according to its document type (narrative essay, short story, etc.) and the level of education related to the paper.

To top that off, it even grades your paper! Even if the apps is not 100 percent perfect in terms of accuracy and all, I always aim to get 96% and above. 
If you really like this apps (like I do), you can pay for the  premium package where it also thoroughly checks for evidences of plagiarism.

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2. Thesaurus

We don't need to use big and bombastic words at each and every opportunity we get to impress our readers. Particularly in casual blog writing, such words might be a little hard to digest (but still, it depends on what sort of topic you're writing for) so it's advisable to write in a way that would appease you and your readers both.

However, it would be great if you can write using words that would smoothen your article and I use Thesaurus for common words I like to sound a little fancier. 

Warning: Keep in mind to have a dictionary (the book or online opened in a tab you can easily access) because some synonyms don't share the same meanings.

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And that's all I have time to share for the time being. Until next time, wait for the upcoming blog posts I'm planning to write about!

Do you have any tips or free resources you'd like to share?

I'm open to suggestions, so fire away in the discussion tab below!

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