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With or Without Shoes

by - Tuesday, January 31, 2017

I'm not a fan of shopping.

But I cannot deny the NEED for shoes that feels like bliss/heaven for the feet.

In fact, even if I come from a middle-income family and we are careful in our spending, we make it a point to invest in high-quality shoes. 

I guess the problem comes from me. I'm very passionate in walking especially when I'm on campus where avoiding myself from taking the Bas Rapid is my top priority to save on my daily budget. Who does that say 'ay!

However, when your class is situated on top of a ferocious hill that you have to trudge up on a daily basis, it's easy enough to imagine how much damage it can leave to your shoes.

In fact, in 2015 alone, I had sort of "destroyed" about three pairs of shoes and that was for just in ONE semester. Yikes!

From that point onward, my parents insisted I get good shoes that are semi-formal-sports friendly that can withstand tough terrains. We're a family that supports shoes from Sketchers and a few other brands, and they can range from sports shoes to casual ones and we haven't seen worn shoes at home for quite some time.

Yesterday, we went to The Mines to get me a new pair of shoes. This pair cost about RM209 which is surprisingly cheaper than I predicted. Usually, they can be as much as RM300 plus. However, nowadays, they have more pretty designs of shoes for a really good price. 

Goodbye, old shoes! 
You've done so much for me for the last two years. 

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