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Asian English Olympics Jakarta 2017 WAS EPIC

by - Tuesday, February 14, 2017


Just yesterday I got back from a tiring 2 hours flight from Jakarta to KLIA2. The reason for my M.I.A. for this past week is because I was away to participate as a storyteller contender at perhaps one of the biggest regional annual English competition. I traveled with 4 other of my friends; Khan and Nabil (debate), and Akim and Shahrul (Public Speaking), and accompanied by our sporting lecturer, Dr Saidatul. 

Let me tell you this, IT. WAS. EPIC. Honestly, I loved the environment of meeting new and talented friends from contrasting cultures and countries. Other than being in a national competition a couple of years back, I've never been to an event as big as this one. Everyone was so friendly and open that by the first day, our bond have grown equally strong.

Meet the team representing UiTM Shah Alam (APB). From L to R: Khan, Me, Dr Sai, Nabil, Shahrul & Akim.

Group pose at H&M, Central Park.

I presented in the first preliminary round: Prepared storytelling (I told about my horrendous driving test experience)

Shahrul, Akim and me supporting our friends in debate!

This is the loudest and friendliest crowd of people you can find anywhere: The Storytelling participants!

Octo finals: Slides and sounds (IT WAS SO DIFFICULT!!!!). However, that was where my journey ended and about half of the other participants made it through.

And so, we headed out to Jakarta to finally explore the city.

Our destination? Kota Tua a bustling town surrounded by history.

13th February 2017, we left off for home.

They'll have another competition next year so you guys can definitely participate if you missed it this time! There are 8 categories (Storytelling, Story Writing, Scrabbles, Spelling Bee, Debate, Newscasting, Public Speaking) and anyone from schools and universities can join!

Before I leave, I'd like to thank APB, Dr Asiah, Dr Sai, Khan and Luke for making this journey possible. I would never dream of joining the competition and having the opportunity to travel without all of you!


2017 Asian English Olympics Closing Video!

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