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GONE, a Wowing and Heart Pumping Novel Series by Michael Grant

by - Saturday, February 04, 2017

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One word to describe how I feel right this very second because I didn't grab the other books in the series when they were within my sight. 


Honestly, when I first picked up this dark covered book with its plain design save for its striking book title, I did not think much about it. The synopsis looked interesting enough. Plus, at the time I was at the Big Bad Wolf book fair the other month, there were a bunch of them littering on the tables that not long afterward, I felt myself reaching for a copy and popped one into my basket.

It's a dystopian sci-fi novel series with thrilling twisting plots marking each chapter. It's a total page turner and that's what surprised me about it. I'm not exactly into this sort of genre (excluding WondLa, note to self: FIND THE THIRD BOOK) but it left me clutching the book that I don't think many people have given it better credits.

I dare to say, it's as good as the Harry Potter series but that would have been too soon because I really need to grab the other books first.

So, what's this particular book about?

GONE describes how the vicinity of a small town in southern California called Perdido Beach is suddenly deprived of its adult population, including kids aging above 15 years old. 
 One moment everyone was leading a simple and normal life, and the next, adults and the older children disappeared without a trace. 
The story focuses on Sam, a 14 years old boy who developed a dangerous power he badly wanted to hide. However, when things started to lose control with no adults to supervise the children, he realised that he had to do something. Even more worrying, some children who also developed powers of their own were starting to create a hierarchy of their own to rule over the weaker ones.
And a dark, mysterious entity that lurks within the trapped town may be connected to the disappearing children. 

Don't let the 560 pages book scare you because honestly, there's so much action and shocking truths to unravel that you'd gladly overlook that detail! 

This book is the good sort you'd find probably once in a lifetime where every chapter leaves the reader wanting to proceed onto the next. I couldn't tear myself away from it at all until I knew what happened next.

Here's more in the series!
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And these are the characters in the book:
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Got something to share about the book?

Or you have other books in mind you'd like to recommend?

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