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Body + Soul : Why You Need Sunscreen

by - Friday, March 24, 2017

I don't know about everyone else but these last couple of days have been nothing short of BLAZING HOT heat like I'm not even kidding. I'm not sure whether it's just Shah Alam being its usual flaming self - lack of trees and rain, but I've found myself constantly lying down flat on the floor of my bedroom and trying to catch a wisp of cool wind from the searing heat outside. Who has done this before, say "ay" in the discussion box below!

It's just been so HOT.

Well, I may have exaggerated a bit (or maybe quite more than that) but I'm one of those people who cannot function under intense heat. I will forever favour and welcome the cold than finding myself melting into a pool of my sad self ... or worse, evaporate into nothing. 

Despite all of that, I love Malaysia, truly, even with its never-ending show of sun and heat and that is why I've taken EXTRA measures in bearing with them. This mostly applies to whenever I'm outdoors.

Sunscreen. Yes, I'm a strong user of sunscreen and there's a story behind it too. As easily irritated I am to heat, I get sunburns pretty quick as well. It doesn't really matter what time of the day it is, spending mere minutes can have my skin sizzling into a few shades darker. And let me tell you, I don't come anywhere close to looking sun-kissed with golden coloured skin.

Nope, I just looked like an over fried (and often overpriced) chicken.

What sunscreen brand do I trust most?

To be completely honest, I use two sunscreen brands with different SPFs levels.

One reason why I use two brands is because I've used the one above for quite some time and it has worked just beautifully for me. I have normal to dry skin and slapping skincare products to my face had devastating effects to me, especially when it comes to sunscreen. 

But yes, this brand didn't leave any unwanted and uninvited effects to my skin whatsoever. It's a little bit pricey though so I only use this whenever I'm playing sports and being exposed to the sun over a long period of time.

NEED HELP THOUGH because I have no idea what this brand is since the brand name has somehow disappeared from the bottle. Wow.

Second, Mary Kay Botanical Effects Moisturising SPF Sunscreen.

This girl has worked wonders for me. In fact, I've noticed that I'm less sunburnt these days even when the sun isn't all out. I usually use a fair dose of this on my face for every day wear like when I'm out to class and that the weather isn't too overbearing. But I would definitely choose for stronger protection when I'm playing sports outdoors.

Do you use sunscreen? Tell me more in the comment section below and let's get this topic firing up!

If you like to ask more about some of the wonderful and skin-loving Mary Kay products, send me an email through: syazwanizzati@gmail.com

Thanks a million for dropping by!

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