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Study Habits Tag : What's Yours?

by - Friday, March 03, 2017

With the opening of a new semester merely days away, it's time to gear myself up for what the huge tide will bring home; spending sleepless nights on assignments, getting the shock of my life over unexpected questions in the tests, thinking and rethinking about what on earth have I signed up for etc. etc. And they will all come very soon. 

In the course English for Professional Communication (EPC) that I'm taking in university, I have to be completely prepared; mind, body, and soul. You know, especially now that I'll be hopping in Semester 4 and I had all my seniors giving the warning looks about how stressful my life will be then.

How lovely.

Although I'm 100% positive that they all mean well. Semester 4 does sound scary. And the fact that I have now only 2 semesters left before I can graduate still doesn't sit well with me. It's so soon, don't you think?!

Anyways, with all the preparations and shopping for school supplies going on, I can't find a more perfect time than NOW (yes right this very moment) to talk about my study habits! Yes, if you must know this tag was proposed by the blogger Miss Obsesi and she challenged all her readers to write a post about their study habits. You guys should make one too and post your entry links in the comment section below. I would love to read them!

I'm no smarty pants or Einstein-levelled genius (is that a new term?), but I do have fixed study habits that I stick to and Alhamdulillah, they are the factors that have helped me to stay alive successful until today. 

So on to the questions!

1. What time do you start studying and for how long?

It depends. Wait, that's not a good answer. But then again it's true, I can have many study sessions within the span of a day. If I'm at the library during breaks in between class hours, I'd revise on what was lectured in the previous class or simply browse through some reading materials for the next class. 

However, I'm pretty sure that I study better at night in my room with my roomie (law student). She would put the music on from Spotify and we'd study on our own. I can study in the morning like on the weekends but funnily enough, I always end up dozing very unattractively on my study table.

2. Do you stay up all night to study?

I rarely do this and even if I do, it's usually for an "emergency" like I didn't have enough time that one week to study for an upcoming test. But yes, I don't prefer to stay up late into the night to study. Trust me, the results would be ugly. I'd have dark circles under my eyes (Okay, I always have them but they'd look worse), feel sleepy for the entire day and I get moody.

3. Any favourite place to study?

I love books and I love to visit the library even more, but even the library would not be the ideal place for me spend my time studying. They have better air-conditioning than my room (heaps more to the point that it's lethally cold) and wonderful silence that most places sadly lack, but again, I get super drowsy quickly and even more so if I'm studying alone. And it's worse when I'm the type who likes to leave her seat often to fetch something particular like drinks or snacks, and visiting the loo.

My favourite place to study would be at home where I can spread my notes and books on the dining table and read important facts out loud. I memorise and understand better when I do that.

Still, if it's to study for an hour or two, the library is a good place to do just that.

4. Do you listen to music or not?

It's a yes and no answers this time. Whenever I have to create slides or deal with computer designing stuff I wouldn't miss the chance to listen to music in between my time. It won't distract me as much as when I need to carefully read and memorise notes where focus and silence are crucial.

5. Do you start from the front page or the back?

I personally think that if I need to cover the basics, then I would definitely do a swift scan of the earlier chapters. Other than that, if I were to start from the beginning, it would help me a lot to link pieces of information together and actually have an understanding on what I've been studying for the past semester.

If not, like if I'm super confident that I've mastered the front chapters (this rarely happens), I would focus on other chapters where more terms need to be focused on plus, they usually get complicated as you read on.

6. Do you study through all the sections or just the important ones?

If possible, I would read all the sections because that way, I'd get a clearer picture of the points/facts that my textbooks are throwing at me. Otherwise, it's not sinful to skip a few sections if they aren't relevant or don't provide much information. It really varies according to how much time I have and the effectivity of my own lecture notes.

7. Do you highlight your textbooks?

Yes, I do and quite religiously as well. Other than helping me to stay awake by colouring bits of words with a highlighter, it also makes a world difference to brighten my textbooks  by a notch which are so often too packed with words. However, previously, I was completely against "vandalising" my textbooks and certain other reading materials. It also had to do with going against my principle, love and respect for books. Nowadays though nobody ain't have time for that. We just highlight and get the job (studying) done.

The end.

8. Do you prefer studying with a book or carry a small note with you wherever you go?

A book. Definitely. I'm the sort of person who makes notes only for the first few chapters and then the motivation to further complete the note-making mission dies.

Lazy isn't the precise word for me but I can say that my horrific handwriting has something to do with it. Besides, whenever I study or revise, I leave little notes and highlighted points in the book so that whenever I want to refer to something, I just need my books.

9. Will you memorise all chapters... or not?

Yes, I will especially if I have planned enough time to study (a week before tests/exams). However, note that I don't blindly memorise facts without making an effort to understand them. In my opinion, it will always result in unconsciously forgetting them over time. My memorising technique includes reading the facts out loud and explaining them in my own words to my reflection in the mirror or my roomie who wants nothing to do with me (huhu).

10. What method do you have for a smart study?

Always stay as focused as possible in class. Honestly, if I can pick up a lot of facts in class, then it won't be a huge problem when I want to revise everything else later. After class is over, I would study back what was lectured until I understand the main points given.

Oh, and another thing, study groups are really effective which I was unfortunate to recognise late last semester. Your friends can bring up questions you've never thought of and explaining them to one another is a great way to study.

11. How do you get your motivation to study?

I don't want to be seen as a jerk (although the word is reserved for the male counterparts but whatever) but I am quite competitive in being the best. If not in my batch then my class would do. I put high expectations on myself because I know I have the ability to fulfill them if I really tried my best. To harvest the reward from my hard work and making others proud and happy for me are what constantly motivate me. And I do love challenges!

12. Do you decorate your study table? And how?

I may have a slight flair with sketching portraits of people but I have zero skills in decorating or creating art crafts. Honestly, I prefer minimal decoration on my table, including other objects. A clean table means that I can think better without looking at the mess. But that doesn't mean I'm a clean freak! Hah!

12. What are the must have items on your study table?

A watch/clock, a few pens and highlighters arranged accordingly, my notes and books.

And that's just about it for this study habits tag! What's yours?

Leave a comment below and I'll be sure to check them out. And thanks for reading!

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