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Those Tense and Awkward Moments...

by - Thursday, March 02, 2017

Assalamualaikum to my blogger, dear Internet travelers! Wow wow wow. Can you believe we're already in August and I swear I feel like it's still somewhere in February or May when I could still laze around on the sofa while leisurely read a good book. However, now I'm a Uni student with lots of responsible like attending numerous classes, staying as cheerful as I can with everyone without grabbing my classic novel (Northanger Abbey) I'm currently reading and ignore the world altogether. It's high time I leave the world of fashionable young ladies dressed in pretty gowns and exciting ball dancing. Yeah, you hear that, brain, you MUST STOP INSISTING I BORROW EVERY BOOK I SEE INSIDE THE LIBRARY.

There are also those nice assignments that I am demanded to do even though I don't really like them at all because they take a lot of my precious free time at home and my reading hours. Of course, I can't defy orders since orders are orders and there's nothing I could do to change my already chosen fate. Haha Strange thing is, sometimes doing these assignments actually help me use my time with beneficial things and make me feel all grown-up, you know, making exclusive slides for the presentation the next day (gasp!) and other stuff. 

Okay, now I'm blabbering rubbish. What I really wanted to say is about the debate club meeting the other day and how it totally changed my wonderful and easy life I'm in to one of the most humiliating thing e-v-e-r. Seriously, I can't believe how I could make a fool of myself in less than an hour with my own witty hands. As you know, I have never joined a debate in my life (unless you count the ones I have with my sisters where it involves a lot of firing spirits).

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