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Yes, I'm Still Alive!

by - Monday, March 13, 2017

I'm partly a senior "senior" now that I've stepped into Part 4. If anyone were to ask me, I honestly don't know how I should feel about it - excited that I have just a few semesters away to delve into work after graduating or a little sad that my journey in degree is almost coming to a close. I still have a bit of time before that day comes and I suppose I should fully make use of what I have now. It's been almost an entire week since the new semester started and I'm still trying to describe how it all went into just one word. 

Maybe I can say that it passed by rather pleasantly since not much has happened.

Well, at least not yet anyways.

I've met wonderful new lecturers particularly in subjects like Research Methodology, Pragmatics, and Development & Production of e-Language Materials, and there are a few others that I have yet to meet next week. I've also welcomed the ones that I've had in my previous semesters. Of course, being in the only business elective class in my batch, I still have the same wonderful classmates to embark in another semester together once again.

And I forgot to mention that being in this course in this semester means that I shouldn't be anymore surprised at receiving assignments on the very first day of class, let alone this week. But I did and it happened every other semesters before! I don't mind it though because I've almost died out of boredom at home in between my lengthy free time there and being put to be busy is almost blissful. My friends and me have to find potential topics for our final year paper (project) and I also need to brush up on my digital designing skills.

I believe that I am ingrained to always have my hands full with tasks just so that I won't be bored. Just yesterday, at 5:30AM I roused myself from a promising Saturday sleep-in to get ready for an explorace activity at UiTM Puncak Alam in conjunction with their English Week. My awesome teammates consisted of Ainal (my very own personlised "Mak Cik Pasar Malam" buddy), Luke, Haziq and Akim. 

It was actually my first time being in PALAM so I couldn't help but play the role of the little tourist; taking pics here and there, and leting my eyes wonder over everything and anything. I mean come on, since I was there, might as well I appreciate the peaceful morning view and quietness of the place.

We had a simple breakfast given by the ACIS community before the game started. It was time-based and we had to reach the allocated checkpoints to complete the whole circuit. Despite having had to face the burning morning sun and getting a little confused and lost a couple of times (or make that a hundred), we were having tons of fun. In fact, doing silly things such as imitating monkeys and wildly pulling out grass just to make a clear statement, and teasingly blame one another for the occasional penalties when our luck wasn't so good made it were all memorable. 

Playing charades

And before I end this post, for the time being, let's admire Dessi's cuteness. She's just so FLUFFFFF

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