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When April Leaves

by - Monday, May 01, 2017

It's just so funny that I log into my blog account just to leave a comment about leaving. Well, at least when it concerns to April that is. I swear I wanted to update this little sanctuary of mine during the past few weeks but assignments, responsibilities and a whole load of stuff held me back. AND even if I had neither of those things weighing down my shoulders, time was limited and I couldn't write a good post when my mind was elsewhere.

WELL, the mid semester break has just started and I have vowed to write as regularly as I possibly can. I have got a dreadfully long list of assignments on my schedule (will I ever be free?) but I'm confident I can always drop by here from time to time to unleash my randomness into the world we call the Internet.

April is officially over and I got my knuckles cracking for fun blog posts to share. Do you guys have any post ideas you'd like me to touch on? Send in your suggestions below!

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