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Would You Rather Book Tag

by - Friday, July 21, 2017

YES, I got another interesting tag to write about today and it's all thanks to Rasya who has kindly tagged me to one of her recent posts. Check out her blog afterward and you won't be disappointed at what you'd be reading!

The "Would You Rather Book Tag" mainly consists of 10 questions that are closely related to none other than books and our bookish preferences. I'll be completely honest with you on this, I haven't been reading that much lately... or maybe in the last few months because if you have been keeping up with my blog posts, I was chained (metaphorically) to assignments and other commitments. And a whole wad of excuses. Heh!

I won't waste any more precious time so let's get on straight to the questionssss:

1. Read only trilogies or stand-alone?

I don't really mind what forms they come in with - trilogy or stand-alone, but most of the time, I would prefer the former. This is mainly because of two reasons, with the first being that the determinant factor of how good a whole series is depends on the very first book and the few series after it. If the first book is a huge success and proves to be an enjoyable read, it does promise of good things for the others in the series. But this is not always the case. One example is the Divergent series. I had HUGE expectations for this series but at the end of the day, I could only TRULY love the first book while the rest were MEH. However, there are many trilogies that I enjoy like WandLa. GOSH, I AM IN LOVEEEE with this.

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Second, collecting book series can be a huge pain in the butt. I know, I'm trying not make it so graphical to the imagination but I have to do what needs to be said. Haha! But back to the point here. If you're living in Malaysia or anywhere else in the world where the prices of books seem to be equivalent to the value of our souls, wise decisions must constantly be prioritised. Meaning to say, reading and buying books are expensive hobbies. And paying a trip to the local bookstores to buy books can be a huge burden to us; financially and emotionally. I love series, seriously, but trying to keep up with them and keeping my money in check can be a problem. But if it's a HECK OF A GOOD SERIES, then why not? At least I'm satisfied with reading the books and that matters most.

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It's the same case with stand-alone novels too. I would be absolutely thrilled if one book can miraculously summarise a story in a complete and conclusive way. And these are usually hard to find. Sometimes, stand-alone novels feel too rushed or incomplete in one way or another, and it's the worse when it comes to the climax or ending. However, I have my own set of positive experience with stand-alone novels too and I will keep on searching and collecting for such books.   :)

2. Read only female or male authors?
I don't really mind either one just as long as they can bring the stories out really well!

3. Shop at Barnes & Nobles or Amazon?
I'm not really familiar with purchasing my books from these stores. I mostly opt to buy them from bookstores like MPH, Kinokuniya, Borders, etc. Sometimes I buy secondhand books from places like Carousell. Where I get my books is the least of my concern.  :)

4All books become movies or TV shows?
I'm such a boring person that I'd just say I don't really mind either one. I don't watch that much TV or movies in general but if they can pick really good books to be adapted into movies or TV shows, let me know! I'd be interested then. 

5. Read 5 pages per day or 5 books per week?
I would love to brag and say I read 5 books per week, but looking at the state of my life right now, I can't even manage to finish one (ehum, Bleak House!). 

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But I used to read loads of books within a week when I was a kid in school with tons of time and less commitment. Nowadays, I push myself to read at least one or two chapters a day and I think that's okay too. Still, I would love to finish reading as many books as I can from my collection. I can hear them crying from lack of love!

6. Be a professional reviewer or author?
I'm such a slow reader that by the time I'm done reading and reviewing one book, another newer one would be the next big thing and most readers would have moved on. I think I much prefer to write and become my own author and really see how far my imagination can take me.

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7. Only read your top 20 favourite books over and over again or always read new ones that you haven’t read before?
I actually do a bit of both, but most of the time I realised that I actually re-read previous books that I've covered. Wow, I was never truly aware of it until this question was brought up! Bravo! I think I re-read a lot of stories found on Wattpad because they're really good that I can never get enough of them!

8. Be a librarian or book seller?
This is a tough question. Both require me to have them taken from me (nooooo) but then the best part is that I can talk about books to readers. I honestly don't mind picking which of the two choices here for me. I love to arrange books in a systematic and organised way, and giving book recommendations to people.  :)

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9. Only read your favourite genre or every genre except your favourite?
I don't want to be so limited in the books that I read. Being taken by surprise and join in adventures I'm not familiar with is pretty exciting. It makes the whole reading experience refreshing and random, which are obviously two very good things at keeping my reading momentum going!

But just to be cautious, I'd avoid reading anything that is related to horror during the day when I can take refuge in the daylight. hahaha! I get spooked so easily that this must be done. In fact, when I was reading Frankenstein and Dracula, I couldn't bear to cover them at night. They were just too scary for my poor heart to take.

10. Only read physical books or e-books?
As much as I read physical books, I read a lot of them online as well. For me, I don't mind bringing books around because it's a habit of mine that I've never been successful in shaking off. So, again, it's no issue for me. On the other hand, E-books are convenient because it's all on my phone so I just need to whip it out from my pocket, open my Internet data and bam, I'm reading! 
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And yes, I think that's the end of this tag. What a journey that has been! So now, I'm tagging all of my readers to give this a go as well. Paste in your blog post link (whatever it's called) in the comment section below and I'll definitely pay a visit!

Thanks a million for reading!
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