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Is Today’s Social Media Overwhelming or We’re just Not adapting?

by - Monday, March 12, 2018

Be it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other social media platforms we know of, nowadays, I would think twice (or thrice) before I unlock that phone screen and tap one of them open. Things have been a little too dark lately in the virtual world of social media and circumstances may continue to become bleak if we don’t step in.

In between 2015–2016, I made my first ever Twitter account which was mostly fueled by the need to connect with the bigger crowd of my friends who migrated away from Facebook. I was a little reluctant with the change and the fact that back then, Twitter was nothing compared to Facebook — fast-paced, loads of information and without a doubt, exciting. But again, I preferred Facebook with its simple and steady-paced layout, and then there were the games I was really addicted to (don’t blame me, I was a teen back then).

I’m mostly on Twitter these days because like I said, you can basically read up on everything that’s been going on with just a few swipes of the finger and refresh on the page. Unless you have swiftly gone through the effort of filtering through “toxic” tweets, then you don’t have a chance to avoid some topics you don’t want to be reading like on the latest gossip about anyone and everyone, insensitive threads, and basically everything you can imagine.

It has reached the point that I’m wondering what has gone wrong with the world and everybody in it.
I’d like to have your thoughts on this too, of course. Personally, I feel Twitter or any other social media that I’ve been on have been eliminating so much of negativity lately. Don’t get me wrong, voicing out your opinions or sharing information is absolutely fine, we are entitled to that at the very least, but with more people joining this network and so little who are cautious of what their words can do have created waves of overwhelming and suffocating debates everywhere I look.

Social media is a platform that was initially created to bring communities of people together, but without any boundary or the courtesy to respect one another, it’s bringing nothing to us than chaos.

What’s your say on this issue?

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