Preloved Giveaway by Raydah

14 September 2020


I'm so excited to participate in Ray's first ever giveaway event! Feel free to join in as it ends on 24th September 2020. 

I've followed her blog for a long while now and I make sure to drop by each time she posts anything there. I really like Ray's writing style and the choice of topics she have. There's a balanced combination of posts about her personal life and thoughts along with her trips to fancy places and tries of new foods I personally would want to try out too! In terms of blog aesthetic, it's minimalistic with a dash of cuteness and easy to go about. Overall, I really love coming back to Ray's blog because there's always something fresh and new to read. I would definitely recommend you guys to follow her blog too!

Click on the banner above to join her giveaway as well!


  1. good luck :D dari GA yang sama

  2. goodluck
    moga ada rezki
    btw jemput singgah

  3. singgah dari GA yang sama. Good luck ye :)

    1. Thanks so much for dropping by, Farhana! All the best to you too!